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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Of Bluebirds and Gardens

Of bluebirds and gardens!

Springs here! Had 6 mountain bluebirds in the yard today! That's a first for us and I believe it is fairly early for them to be around this area.

And speaking of spring, gardening season is not that far away. With our short season, it's time to start thinking of planting tomatoes and maybe a bunch of flowers. Check your seed packages. Most of them will tell you how many weeks before the last frost to start seeds. Usually we can count on the May 2-4 weekend as the last frost date in this area.

The last couple of years I've gotten a little lazy and started my seeds in jiffy pellets. Always have good results with them but they are a little bit more money than starting in a bulk planting mix. Speaking of planting mix, Costco appears to have the cheapest at just over 10 bucks for Miracle grow. Check bags sizes as there is a lot of different sizes on the market now.
My tomatoes have been in pellets for about two weeks and last week I potted them up in 6" pots. They should be able to go into the green house by the end of April so maybe one more transplant.

Planted some onions and garlic in the greenhouse along with some salad greens last week. Nothing up yet but the nights are still a bit cold even in the greenhouse. No auxiliary heat so they have to do the best they can.
I have some old bathtubs in the greenhouse that I converted to self watering beds that I am quite happy with. I only have to water about once a week even with mature plants and summer heat. This goes a long way to reduce stress on the plants if I need to be away for a few days.

Wishing you all a good gardening season and an early spring.

Need to have an early spring because there is a few septic systems to finish from last year and a bunch of test pits to dig for site evaluations for new systems for this year😀

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